12 year old boy suffers life-changing injuries

A construction company was fined £160,000 after a 12 year old boy fell 10 metres from their scaffolding and suffered life changing injuries.

It was found that slack security on the site meant that children from a nearby school could gain access.

The victim had climbed up a ladder which did in fact have a guard on it, however the guard did not cover the entire width of the rungs of the ladder, allowing the victim to climb up to the uppermost level of 10 metres.

The ladder slipped and the victim fell causing serious life-changing injuries requiring multiple operations.

The victim now has no bladder or bowel control and can walk only short distances due to instability.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector Michael Batt said: “The death or injury of a child is particularly tragic and a lot of thought must go into securing construction sites. Children do not perceive danger as adults do. The potential for unauthorised access to construction sites must be carefully risk assessed and effective controls put in place.”

“This incident could have been prevented by removal of the ladder completely or installing an appropriately sized ladder guard to cover the full width of the rungs.”

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