What Happens If You Dont Have A Will When You Die

If you die without a will you could cause problems for the people you leave behind with unnecessary costs and delays. Your loved ones will be grieving your passing. Dealing with your affairs will be traumatic enough without having to second guess your wishes or deal with intestacy laws (which come into effect when a person dies without a will).

To avoid lengthy processes, high costs and added trauma simply write a will which has legal standing.

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5 Reasons To Get A Will

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get a will as a UK citizen.

[1] Ensure Your Wishes Are Carried Out

Having a will means you are in control of how your estate is divided, between whom and who is named as executor to carry out your wishes.

[2] Grant Gifts To Your Nearest

We all think about when we die and sometimes confide in our nearest and dearest as to what we want to happen. However, although we trust those people if you die without a will they may have no legal standing to enforce those wishes. For example you may wish to leave a bracelet to a kind neighbour. If you don't have a will when you die they may not receive the bracelet as the laws of intestacy may grant rights over the bracelet to another person i.e. a relative.

Ensure Your Wishes Are Executed- Get A Will

[3] Protect Your Loved Ones

Leaving a share of your estate to a child (children) or a vulnerable person etc. can be difficult without a will.

For example you have children from a previous relationship. If you die without a will, the laws of intestacy come into effect and your spouse will be entitled to the estate. This may mean your previous children will not have a benefit; even in the future should your spouse die too. Problems could arise further should your spouse remarry. The solution is simple... get a will and make provision for your beneficiaries if they are unable to receive them at the time.

[4] Speed

Having a will makes the process of administrating the estate and dealing with issues, especially those that require Court intervention, much simpler. Your wishes are documented and form the foundation for everything removing hearsay, conjecture and assumptions. Courts will often take into account wishes expressed in a Will as priority.

[5] Cost

Arguments, Courts and administration all cost money. The costs of not having a will for your beneficiaries far out weigh the small cost of writing a will.

5 Reasons To Use Wolf Law

Wolf Law Solicitors are experienced in dealing with wills and probate. Our specialists are trained to help you with any questions you may have and to help you through this difficult time. There are many reasons to use Wolf Law but we have listed 5

[1] Use Us As A Reputable Solicitor

Using us to write your will reduces the likelihood of individuals contesting your wishes.

[2] We Are Friendly and Compassionate

Discussing your death is never easy and can be affected by personal emotions and questions. What ifs? and Should I? can all be answered by our team

[3] Home Visits

Having a home visit always helps. It is easier to show items, have access to paperwork (should you need it) and for us to get a feel for your circumstances at your own home. Obviously it is not compulsory and you can visit our offices any time.

[4] Reasonably Priced

Yes, there are always people offering to do a will for cheaper or more expensive. Our prices are competitive but reflect the time and compassion we give to every will we are asked to write. We can provide indiviudal quotes on request and offer a free informal telephone conversation to discuss your needs. Obviously if your requirements are complex the cost may be slightly higher than a "straight forward, no assets, no children" will.

[5] Things Change

Nothing ever lasts forever and circumstances can change. If you have a will with us we can change your will to reflect your circumstances as and when required. We always write once a year to check your are still happy with your arrangements.

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