Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Cover?
Our head office is on the Wirral in a town called Hoylake. Our clients live both in the UK and abroad. We provide a home service service to our clients and we hold regular Legal Clinics throughout the country.

Is Using A Solicitor Expensive?
Our costs are totally transparent from the outset. We aim to keep our costs reasonable and to a minimum. A standard will costs from around £90 + VAT. Obviously the more complex the higher the price. Other types i.e. personal injury claims and probate are usually undertaken on a percentage basis to keep the costs proportionate.

Speak with one of our team to find the best service package cost.

If I Call You Do I Have To Use You?
No but obviously we would like you to use our services. In an initial consultation, which is free, we aim to provide you basic advice based on the information you give. If you feel you would like to proceed with us then great. Otherwise, we are sorry but will ask if we can keep in touch periodically should you want to get updates to the law.

Will I get paid if off work?
Being injured can often result in time off work for medical visits, rehabilitation or for more serious injuries complete absence from work for long periods. If you are suffering financial difficulty through being off work or not earning as much as you would normally we can apply for interim payments.

Interim payments are paid by the defendants usually when liability has been admitted and agreement of financials or other legal matters are still being finalised. For long running cases more than one interim payment may be available.

What Is No Win No Fee?
No Win No Fee is used quite a lot especially in advertising by claims management companies and solicitors. It is a common name for a Conditional Fee Agreement, an agreement where you don't have to pay if you lose. There are provisos in that you must be honest in your claim.