June the hottest ever recorded

June was hottest ever recorded according to the European satellite agency, with temperatures nearly 20 degrees Fahrenheit above average.

The heatwave last week smashed national records for the hottest single day as scorching weather spread across Europe from Sahara.

Experts believe that climate change is what made last week’s record breaking European heatwave at least five times as likely to happen.

It is said that unless greenhouse-gas emissions aren’t cut significantly and quickly, the world can expect to see more extreme heat waves in the future because of climate change.

Jean-Noel Thepaut, the head of The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), stated in a press release “Our data shows that the temperatures over the southwestern region of Europe during the last week of June were unusually high.  Although this was exceptional, we are likely to see more of these events in the future due to climate change.”

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