Personal Injury

The key to a superb settlement is with a experienced and dedicated Personal Injury Solicitor; their trained to work for you and handle your accident claim with care.

All our staff are experienced, proactive, and totally dedicated to achieving the very best result for you. Whether you suffer a minor or catastrophic personal injury, we have the experience to deal with it, hold your hand through the process and achieve the very best result possible.

If your injury is such that you will not be able to return to your current occupation, then we can ensure you are re-trained to work in another area.  If you are unable to work at all, then we will ensure that you and your family are looked after financially.

We can arrange medical treatment and medical interventions, and our aim is to ensure that you receive maximum settlement with minimum fuss. We will never lose sight of the fact that you are an individual with needs particular to you.  You will be given a dedicated contact, a name and telephone number, so you have a personal relationship with your lawyer,  they will know you and you will know them.

Accident claims can be very stressful – but our personal injury solicitor will be with you every step of the way. Personal injury can be a broad category below you will find further information on accident/claim types and examples of injuries and compensation awards.

This list isn’t comprehensive if you wish to discuss other options please use the contact options below.

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