Hearing Loss

Have you been exposed to Noise at Work? If so, you may be able to bring a claim.

What Causes Occupational Hearing Loss?

In a nutshell exposure to noise can cause deafness. Occupational hearing loss can also be caused by a sudden loud noise or prolonged noise exposure.
Your employer has a duty to protect you by preventing excessive noise at work, ensuring you are properly trained and have the correct tools, protective equipment, and that you are not exposed to avoidable hazards.

What can I do if the Company no longer exists

Many people think that they cannot bring a claim for hearing loss caused by working in noise because they stopped working so long ago, or that the company no longer exists.
You can bring a claim if you were exposed to noise a long time ago, as long as you did not know or think that your hearing was due to working in noise, or that you had a significant hearing loss.

We will also need to question you about hearing protection and what your employer did to try and protect you from noise.

How can I tell if I have a hearing loss?

For many of our clients, they simply feel that because they worked in noise so long ago any damage to their hearing must be due to getting older. They complain that they cannot hear people when in a group where there is background noise, or that they cannot hear the telephone or they have to turn the television volume up. You may not think that your hearing is damaged, but quite often it is your partner or other family members who notice the effects before you do. You may also notice a buzzing or ringing in your ears. It could be one or both ears.

If you have not had a hearing test, you should try and find out what the cause of your hearing loss is.
The hearing test will be able to give us an indication as to what the cause of your hearing loss is, as there is quite a typical pattern if your hearing loss has been damaged due to working in noise.

Occupational hearing loss is one of many forms of industrial injury that affects our ability to hear and How long have I got to bring a claim
Remember, you have three years to bring a claim from the date that:-

  • you had a significant hearing loss
  • you knew or ought to have known that your hearing loss was caused wholly or in part to the negligence and/or breach of statutory duty of your former employers
  • the identity of your former employers.

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