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Wolf Law can help with all aspects of your estate.

We have individual pages on this site which gives more in depth information on each subject, and this page is an overview.

Ensuring you have protected your loved ones, reduced the tax payable on your estate (to nil in some cases) by Will or Trust – why give you hard worked money to the taxman – and ensuring that items which mean a lot to you go to those you choose, gives you true peace of mind.

During life, loss of faculties or accident are a sad fact or life for some.  A Lasting Power of Attorney gives you the power, now, to make provision for this.  You can appoint someone to look after your finances should the worse happen, and the same person, or someone different, to make decisions on your health and welfare.

It is the ‘topping and tailing’ your estate.

If you have dependants with special needs, or who may not be able to manage a large amount of money, which may be vulnerable or have someone in their lives who may exploit them or the money you leave – then you can create a Trust to protect them.  The Trustees will administer the estate by ensuring they are looked after financially but neither they nor another party can access the main funds.  The Trust will be administered in accordance with your instructions, so as an example, a certain amount per week or month will be released.

Please do remember we are a very approachable law firm and asking our advice is free in the first instance.  We will never contact you again unless you ask that we do so.  Some people instruct us to act; some simply want answers to questions – either way we are happy to help.


Most of our work is carried out in our offices, but some Clients are not able to come into our office or feel more relaxed or comfortable in their own home.  We are happy to arrange to come and see you if you wish, though there is a modest charge for this.