Motorbike Accidents

No biker could ever be in any doubt about the dangers they face from other road users. The statistics speak for themselves – motorcyclists represent 1% of traffic yet account for up to 20% of the deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Motorcyclists involved in accidents are 40 times more likely to be killed than car drivers.

While you may be the most careful rider in the world, it can still seem like everyone is out to get you – this is why bike accident claims are some of the most frequent, and serious, claims made in the UK.

We all know about the stomach dropping feeling when it looks as if a car is about to pull out from a junction or change lanes without looking. Bikers are there to be seen, if the negligent driver only looked.

We empathise with the safe motorbike riders of the UK, but understand that even the safest riders can have accidents. We have vast experience in all types of motorcycle accident compensation claims, and our experts will do their best to get you the maximum compensation possible.

There are different types of claims, and those listed below are an example only. Regardless of the cause of the accident we can deal with your injury, bike, helmet, leathers, treatment and any other losses – in addition we can provide a replacement bike until your own is back on the road.

Claim Where There is no Collision

Sometimes a motorbike accident can occur without an actual collision. In cases such as these you may have been forced to brake or swerve and lose control because of the negligent action of other drivers.

Pothole Accident Claims

Potholes can be deadly to bikers, whether on an unlit country road, or in the middle of a busy town. Most bikers have had the experience of riding over a pothole and losing control, sometimes coming off their bikes.

Diesel/Petrol/Silage Spill

Bike riders can be entitled to compensation if it can be proved that the spill was a result of the negligence of an untraced road user, using the MIB Untraced Driver Scheme. These type of claims MUST be reported to the Police and a log number obtained. Photographs are very useful as the ‘evidence’ will deteriorate with time.

Spills can be one of the greatest dangers facing a rider on the road, it is hard to see a slick at speed. Diesel spills can be caused by negligent drivers necking (overfilling) their tank or not securing their fuel cap properly. Add rainfall into the mix and the result is deadly.

Whatever type of accident you have experienced, we are here to help.