Man falls from plane

The police were called to a property in Clapham where the frozen body of a male plunged from the wheels of a Kenyan Airways flight, narrowly missing a sunbather.

According to local sources, the man who fell from the plane could be a Nairobi airport employee.

The director general Gilbert Kibe told BBC Africa “Whoever it is most likely had access to the airside because with the way security is tight, it’s unlikely that an outsider would have been able to make his way through to the airside where an aeroplane is parked and be able to climb in.  I’m suspecting it’s probably somebody who had access to the airside.”

It i reported that the dead man’s fingerprints have been sent to the authorities there to try to identify him.

Neighbours stated that they heard the dead mans body crash into the garden.

The neighbour, who does not wish to be named, stated “I heard a ‘whomp’, I went to look out of the window.  At first I thought it was a tramp asleep in the garden.”

Another stated “He had all of his clothes on and everything.  I had a closer look and saw there was blood all over the walls.  His head was not in a good way.  I realised immediately that he had fallen.”

The tenant of the property in which the body landed told a neighbour that he crashed down only a metre from the spot where he was sunbathing.

Apparently, the only reason the body was intact was because it was an ice block.

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