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Arm Injury Claims

Arm injuries include injuries to the upper arm, forearm, wrist and elbow. The severity of injury could be from a muscle sprain, broken bone or in worst case situations amputation. They tend to originate with accidents where impact is involved usually from falling or lifting. If you have suffered an arm injury through negligence by another person or company you could be entitled to a claim for compensation.

Types Of Arm Injury Claims

Top 5 Arm Injury Claims

  1. 1 - Workplace Accident
  2. 2 - Slip, Trip & Fall
  3. 3 - Cycling Accidents
  4. 4 - Car Accident
  5. 5 - Sport Related Accident

Accidents occuring within some industries are more likely to result with an arm related injury. Notable industries are builders, manufacturing, factory, packaging, warehouses, nursing, care workers, police officers and gardeners. In reality arm injuries can occur from almost any situation where impact occurs or where you may naturally extend your arm to break a fall.

Severity of Arm Injuries

Am related injuries can range from minor bruising to amputation of one or both arms. Typically injuries include:-

  • * Bruising,
  • * Muscle tears,
  • * Tendon sprains,
  • * Broken humerus,
  • * Broken ulna,
  • * Broken radius,
  • * Broken wrist,
  • * Burns


Arm Injury Compensation Amounts

How much compensation for an arm injury?

The amount of money an injury awarded in a compensation claim is calculated by the court using guidelines provided by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB). These guidelines provide advice to a judge about how much compensation to award to a party for a particular injury and is the basis of discussions between us and the other party's insurer.

The JSB guidelines are only a range and your personal circumstances, the effects on your daily living in work and at home are all considered. We strive to get you the maximum compensation possible.


Both arms
between £191,950 and £239,140
Above the elbow
between £87,410 up to £104,370
Below the elbow
between £76,650 to £87,410


Restricted movement
between £76,650 and £104,370
Substantial disablement
between £31,220 to £47,720
Significant disabilities
between £15,300 up to £31,220


Fractures with no complications
between £5,280 up to £15,300
Simple Wrist
between £2,810 to £3,790


Substantial disablement
between £31,220 up to £43,710
Significant disablement
between £12,480 and £25,510
Moderate injury
between £2,810 to £10,040

Shoulder Injury

between £15,300 and £38,280
between £10,180 and £15,300


Loss of mobility
between £37,960 up to £47,720
between £19,530 up to £31,220
Long-term damage
between £10,040 and £19,530

Overview of personal injury

A personal injury claim is a legal case to recover compensation if you've been hurt in an accident and it was not your fault. The compensation will usually come from their insurance company.
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If you don't win you dont pay!

A "no win, no fee" agreement, also known as a conditional fee agreement, is an arrangement between you and your personal injury solicitor. It means that if your compensation claim is unsuccessful you dont have to pay anything.
What are the fees?

How much is your claim worth?

Get an estimate to how much compensation you could be awarded based on your injuries. For a more detailed estimate contact one of our solicitors.

What about loss of income

Being injured can often result in time off work for medical visits, rehabilitation or for more serious injuries complete absence from work for long periods. We are able to assit in recovering ongoing payments whilst your claim is being progressed.
Loss of income

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arm injury

Matt suffered an arm injury from a fall
whilst he was working on a roof. The ladder he was on was not securely fixed and slipped. He fell from a first storey height. He broke his arm on landing and was off work for 3 months. He was awarded £12,000 compensation and received physiotherapy to help him recover.
Names and details changed to provided anonimity

How We Can Help

Choosing a personal injury lawyer to represent you can be a daunting process. But by choosing us you are assured of a service where you speak with the solicitor handling your case directly. You will receive accurate information regarding your situation and be able to able to talk with someone who understands your situation.

As part of the claim process we will ensure you receive rehabilitation such as physiotherapy or CBT, a full detailed medical report, interim payments for loss of income and the full compensation you deserve.

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