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Neck injuries are quite common as a result of accidents in a workplace or a car accident. A neck injury can result in large compensation payments. You could be entitled to claim neck injury compensation if you have been injured as a result of someone elses negligence.

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Neck Injury Compensation

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Neck injuries are fairly commonplace whether from a workplace accident or a car accident. A neck injury can result in large compensation payments. You could be entitled to claim neck injury compensation if you have been injured as a result of someone elses negligence.

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What Is A Neck Injury?

An injury to the neck can be very painful and debilitating. Probably one of the most common injuries associated with road traffic accidents are neck related where the neck has extended (flexion and extension) when the seat belt has tightened during impact. Most minor injuries are soft tissue which is sometimes referred to as whiplash. More severe injuries affect the spine.

Neck injuries are not pleasant as the sensitive nature of the neck and its location on the body can lead to permanent disability or restricted movement.

Types Of Neck Injury Claims

Top 5 Neck Injury Claims

  1. 1 - Road Traffic Accident
  2. 2 - Cycling Accidents
  3. 3 - Accident at Work
  4. 4 - Slip, Trip & Falls
  5. 5 - Medical Negligence

The need for expert medical assistance is essesntial for neck injury recovery. Our specialist medical team are trained in physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Severity of Neck Injuries

Neck related injuries can range from minor sprains to severe incapacity. Typically injuries include:-

Minor Neck Injury

Even “relatively minor” neck injury symptoms can include numbness and pain which may require you to have time off work. Usually minor injuries are soft tissue i.e. muscles, tendons etc. however you may still experience neck pain for up to a year following the accident.

Moderate Neck Injury

Neck injuries which are more serious than soft tissue damage can result in ongoing neck pain i.e. spondylosis. Conditions like spondylosis are usually degenerative changes in the spine such as bone spurs and degenerating intervertebral discs between the vertebrae, but the symptoms can be brought on or exacerbated by an accident or trauma. Such injuries can be sustained through a road traffic accident where the whiplash may result in on-going symptoms for over a year.

Severe Neck Injury

Severe injuries to the neck are reknown for immediate and special attention by the medical and first resonse services. This is because severe neck injuries can have significant impact on a persons' lifestyle through paralysis. The effects can often be permanent.


Neck Injury Compensation Amounts

How much compensation for an neck injury or whiplash?

The amount of money an injury awarded in a compensation claim is calculated by the court using guidelines provided by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB). These guidelines provide advice to a judge about how much compensation to award to a party for a particular injury and is the basis of discussions between us and the other party's insurer.

The JSB guidelines are only a range and your personal circumstances, the effects on your daily living in work and at home are all considered. We strive to get you the maximum compensation possible.

Neck Injury

Minor injuries
between £1,450 to £5,450
between £1,450 to £6,000
Moderate neck injury severity
between £5,000 to £16,000
Severe neck injury
between £16,000 to £96,000

Damages and Compensation You Can Claim

You will be entitled to general and special damages if you have sustained a neck injury. General damages are related to the emotional trauma and physical pain you experienced as a result of your accident injuries. Special damages are the verifiable medical and lifestyle expenses that you have accrued since your accident. You can read more about damages on our Personal Injury page.

Overview of personal injury

A personal injury claim is a legal case to recover compensation if you've been hurt in an accident and it was not your fault. The compensation will usually come from their insurance company.
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If you don't win you dont pay!

A "no win, no fee" agreement, also known as a conditional fee agreement, is an arrangement between you and your personal injury solicitor. It means that if your compensation claim is unsuccessful you dont have to pay anything.
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How much is your claim worth?

Get an estimate to how much compensation you could be awarded based on your injuries. For a more detailed estimate contact one of our solicitors.

What about loss of income

Being injured can often result in time off work for medical visits, rehabilitation or for more serious injuries complete absence from work for long periods. We are able to assit in recovering ongoing payments whilst your claim is being progressed.
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Claiming Compensation for a Neck Injury at Work

In recent times injuries and damage to the neck and spine at work is becoming more and more common. Although office workers experience neck pain from long periods at a computer terminal the most frequent injuries are when workers are attempting to either carry something incorrectly or carry something too heavy for an individual to safely lift.

Our pages on work place accidents provide more detailed reading on what you need to do if you have experienced an injury at work.

Road Traffic Accident Neck Injuries

A most common injury in road traffic accidents is whiplash; so much so we have a dedicated page for whiplash. Whiplash can be very uncomfortable but thankfully symptoms are not usually permanent and will resolve in time.

Many physiotherapists are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash. Usually up to 8 sessions of physiotherapy by a registered physiotherapist are sufficient to alleviate the initial discomfort. However early treatment is essential for maximum results. Our team of first responders are trained in the assessment of possible treatment and remedies.

neck injury

Ffion had whiplash
following a road traffic accident where she was the passenger in a small car. On impact Ffion suffered discomfort and pain in the neck and shoulder. We were able to provide physiotherapy and also gained an award of circe £3000 compensation. Ffion has recovered from her injuries.
Names and details changed to provided anonimity

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As part of the claim process we will ensure you receive rehabilitation such as physiotherapy or CBT, a full detailed medical report, interim payments for loss of income and the full compensation you deserve.

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