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Everybody always ‘means‘ to make a Will, regrettably not everyone gets around to it.

When a family is left behind after a death, they can flounder with the grief and shock of it all.  Putting steps in place to help and guide them can make it so much easier for them.

A Will not only ensures that your estate goes to those you want it to go to, rather than letting the law decide, but you can leave possessions that mean a lot to you, to those who also mean a lot to you.

Your Solicitor will talk to you about your estate and what you want to do, what is going to happen to your house, money, car, possessions such as jewellery, much loved pets and most importantly how to protect your family.

If your estate falls into the ‘taxable’ bracket, then there are steps that can be taken to reduce that tax, to nil in some cases.  Better in the pocket of your family than the taxman.

Your can appoint Executors, people you trust, to administer your estate.  You may wish to choose two members of your family. If your estate is going to be administered by a Solicitor you may wish to appoint them as Executors, or a Solicitor and a family member.  Some people prefer the independence of a Solicitor to prevent any ‘falling out‘ amongst family members when the estate is distributed.  The choice is entirely yours.

Make a Will it is Important

It is important to tell your family that you have made a Will and where it is held.  You can if you wish give them copies of the Will.  Alternatively you may wish to keep this entirely confidential until after death.

If you have strong feelings about either burial or cremation then bear in mind a lot of family members do not collect the Will until after the funeral service – so its a bit late to find out that you had wanted to be buried and your family opted for cremation, so some communication with your family on an issue such as this is essential.

Its not all doom and gloom though, once you make a will you know you have done your very best for your family, either leave it in our fire proof safe and take copies, or take it with you -either way once its done get on with enjoying life with true peace of mind.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

A lot of people choose to ‘top and tail’ their estate – preparing a Will for what happens after death, and preparing Powers in case something drastic happens in life.  Loss of capacity (dementia usually), accident or injury.  Although the majority of people who make them are mature, bear in mind that younger people suffer the most life changing accidents.

There are two powers, one dealing with health and welfare (medical treatment, where you are gong to live, what you will eat etc) and another dealing with finances (your money and assets).  The Attorneys you appoint can be the same for both powers or different – perhaps you have someone in mind who you know will be sensitive to your welfare needs, and someone else who you know may be better with money.

We can offer Wills and powers separately, but we also offer a value for money package which covers Wills and both Powers – and then there is reasonably nothing more you can do to protect yourself or your estate.

We offer a free no obligation chat on the steps required to make a Will or Powers, so pick up the telephone and talk to us.  We will never contact you again unless you ask us to do so.

Our services are entirely confidential and we act in your best interests at all times.


Post death Wolf law are here to help as much or as little as you want.  We can administer the whole estate, obtain Grant of Probate (if you had a Will) Letters of Administration (if you didn’t), deal with inheritance tax forms, statutory notices, distributing the estate.  Clear pricing and fixed fees, so you know where you are.

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