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Wolf Law can help you make a sporting injury claim

If you’ve been injured as a professional sportsperson or a spectator, contact us today. Our specialist sports injury lawyers in Liverpool are here to help. The most important thing to do is get treatment. Your health and wellbeing takes priority. Firstly you should gather as many witness testimonies as possible. They will help your case. Make sure you get all of the contact details of people who will be able to verify your claim. In addition, you need to get proof. Many professional sporting events are filmed. As a result, getting evidence to support your claim should be easy. You should always keep any documentation. This can be in the form of medical records, loss of earnings, or expenses incurred.

"Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner but what stood out for me is how this firm understood what was important to me - the nature of the case it’s self and not just my settlement. I really felt I had someone with me fighting for what was important to me, which lifted me up during what was a really stressful time for me. I can’t thank her and the fantastic team there enough, if ever I have the misfortune of needing a service like this again, they’re the only firm I will be using."
Adam McEvoy

Injuries to professionals

Sports injury claims are generally reserved for professional players or athletes. Our injury lawyers in Liverpool are here to help. If you’ve suffered a sporting injury as a result of negligence or intentional harm, then you may be eligible for compensation. Click here for examples of injuries. Sports-related injuries can happen for a number of reasons, these include:

  • Bad tackles

  • Inadequate coaching

  • Poorly maintained grounds

  • Poorly maintained equipment

  • In-game violence

  • Fan instigated violence

Injuries to spectators

Spectators can also fall under the category of sports related injuries. If you’ve suffered an injury as a spectator at a sporting event, you may also be entitled to compensation. If the proper precautions aren’t taken by the event organisers, then they can be held responsible. Therefore, claims can be made for the following:

  • Spectator violence

  • Equipment into the crowd

  • Debris from sport

  • Poorly maintained facilities

Wolf Law are specialist sports injury lawyers in Liverpool

Finding the best sports injury lawyers in Liverpool is vital to a successful claim. Wolf Law has decades of experience for accident claims. Both on and off the pitch. For instance, if you’ve been injured as a player or as a spectator, we can help your claim.

Contact Wolf Law today. Our expert team will be able to determine the validity of your claim. Above all, we’ll also be able to advise on the compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us today if you think you may be eligible to make a claim.

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