Government take ‘donations’ from Insurers in deal to stop the injured receiving compensation

This government is setting out to destroy lawyers and limit the rights of the genuinely injured – for no other reason than to satisfy Insurers – who have given money to the Conservatives

The Tory friendly media went into hype overdrive – interestingly in the lead up to the announcement of the proposed deprivation of damages to the injured – using the largely mythical ‘whiplash culture’ to stir up feelings about ‘fraud’ ‘raised insurance premiums’  and ‘organised gangs’ in what I believe to be nothing more than a propaganda campaign by Tory friendly media sources to ease in this fundamental breach of human rights.

Lawyers have worked hard to try to eradicate fraud.  A failed case costs them, in terms of wasted time and costs – and so they have done more to vet cases than insurers who are happy to sell insurance policies online, and then appear surprised when a fraudster takes out a policy on an old car, crashes it, makes a claim and cancels the premium payments.  Hardly rocket science to work that little ruse out – and the fraudster is helped and assisted by the insurers who are happy to take the premiums.  A Lawyer would have spotted that little lark a mile off.

If your train was late you would get compensation, but if someone hits you and causes you injury and debilitating pain – tough.  The government and Insurers will make sure you get NOTHING for your ‘soft tissue’ injury.

The government propose to raise the small claims limit from £1,000 for injury to £5,000.  It will decimate the legal profession and although we all know no one likes a lawyer – until they need one – the destruction of the legal profession also means there is no one to protect you – the public, the injured, the consumer.  Bit by bit the most basic rights are being chipped away.

This government is happy to deprive you of damages for your pain and suffering, to make the Insurers happy. Do not believe for a moment the empty promises of ‘reduced premiums.’  Claims are lower now than a few years ago and have you noticed a drop in premiums?  No neither have I.

Please sign the petition against this mutual backslapping between the Government and the Insurers because who knows what rights they may decide to attack tomorrow.  Every injured person deserves access to justice and this is a major deprivation of that right.


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