Osborne stopping payment to injured people – no more compensation

George Osborne, in cahoots with hand rubbing Insurers, has taken steps to deprive the injured of damages for ‘soft tissue injuries’ worth less than £5,000.  That would be the majority of injured people.

They are pushing it on the back of the ‘whiplash culture’ which is a myth they refuse to explode,, and which very nicely suits their objectives at the moment.  There will always be fraud but Solicitors do more than most to weed it out as they risk losing money if they don’t,  and great strides have been made.  Claims have dropped and insurers have profited – yet their promise of reduced premiums has not come to fruition.  It is more about the Insurers lining their own pockets – again.

If your train was late you would get compensation, but if some negligent driver crashed into you and caused you a painful and debilitating injury – you wouldn’t get a penny if Osborne gets his way.

This is nothing to do with the ‘whiplash industry’ they are trying to ride on – but a lot to do with the chipping away of the rights of the ‘little people’ who yet again are being sacrificed for nothing more than this Government’s political ends.  It is a fundamental right that those causing harm have to compensate their victim.  The Government are protecting big business.  Not you.

Insurers shares have risen since this announcement.  More money for them.  We, as their Insured, won’t see a penny of it, of that I am quite sure.

Please don’t sit back and do nothing because the government want to destroy Solicitors and it is Solicitors who protect you.  No one likes them – until they need one.  Once this industry is destroyed the ripple effects will be huge.  A massive amount of people will be dumped into the dole queue and that affects every single sector of our society.

It also ensures there will be no one there to speak up for you when the Government decide what rights to take away next.

Please sign the petition and stop the Government glad handing big business for their own political ends.


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