Will I Lose My Job If I Claim

We often get asked questions like “Can I be sacked if I claim?” or questions like:

I’ve had an accident at work can they sack me?
Can I get sacked for an accident at work?
Can I be dismissed after an accident at work?
Can you be fired for an accident at work?
Can you get fired for an accident at work?

Absolutely NOT is the answer!

No you are not likely to lose your job because you are making a personal injury claim. It’s not uncommon for you to feel anxious if you are making a injury claim about your employer but it is your legal right to do so if you have been injured at work.

Other than getting the “sack” some are anxious that life may be made hard in work. So much so, that you feel you have to get another job.

These are worries you should not harbour.

What Is Your Employer’s Duty To Their Employees?

Employers have to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety of their employees at work. This includes providing you with training, equipment and ensuring that you are able to to carry out your duty.

Employers have a duty to carry out risk assessments to ensure that they have identified all potential hazards and minimise dangers to the lowest possible level.

If your employer fails and if you are injured in some form then you have a right to claim for compensation for your personal injuries.

Who Pays? The Employer or Their Employers’ Liability Insurance?

It is a legal requirement that all employers must have insurance to cover the risk that an employee is injured. It is the employers insurance who will most likely pay the compensation. Your employer may have little contact or influence about the matter.

What If Employer Sacks You?

If your employer sacks you or makes life difficult because of the claim you may be entitled to unfair dismissal.

To Talk With US About Your Personal Injury Claim

Either call us, use the online chat or request a free call back. We provide a confidential service where we can discuss your personal injury claim and offer some guidance as to the best way forward.

How much compensation could you be owed?

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you could be owed compensation. Contact us today to determine the validity of your claim and find out how much you could be owed.