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A well drafted Will will keep your loved ones safe and ensure your wishes are followed!

Nearly half of the adult population have not got a Will. Don't leave it until it's too late. Get a Will from us!

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The Importance of Making A Will

Among all the legal documents you may sign in your life, your Will is probably the most important. A well drafted Will helps keep your loved ones safe, make certain your wishes are followed, and can minimise tax - to nil in some cases. It will make sure your hard earned estate is securely transferred to the next generation. Without a Will the law makes the decisions on your estate, not you, and the outcome might be different from what you intended. Making a Will gives you control.

You should have a Will when you get married, have children, have savings, own a house or business or have anything you would like to pass on to someone when you die. Many people avoid having a Will written because they think it's too expensive, too complicated or they're too young.

Here at Wolf Law we provide a friendly, amiable service with home visits if required to discuss your Will. We try and make the documentation easy to understand. Importantly once you have a Will with us you can rest assured that your loved ones are provided for as per your wishes should the worst happen.

We have provided some guides below to make getting a Will simpler.

* Simple Will Writing
* 10 Reasons To Make A Will
* Things To Include In Your Will


10 Reasons To Write A Will

  • 1. You make the decision on your own estate to benefit those you care about. The law does not recognise a ‘common law marriage' even if you are living together, so it is essential to take care of your partner and family. In the case of same sex relationships not bound by a civil partnership or marriage, you should also have a Will for each other.

  • 2. In cases of second or multiple marriages, or relationships, you might have children from each relationship you want to provide they are looked after.

  • 3. You can choose who will look after your estate after death before distribution and this can be a trusted family member, a solicitor, or both to warrant some independence and professionalism.

  • 4. You can appoint legal guardians for your children and instructions left for their welfare and education. You can also leave them money in trust which safeguards their future. If any of your family have special needs we can set up Trusts to guarantee they are cared for.

  • 5. Personal wishes can be expressed – such as funeral arrangements.

  • 6. You can avoid care home fees as long as there is no intention to deprive the local authority.

  • 7. Tax liability can be lessened, to nil in some cases.

  • 8. You can make personal gifts of items which may hold sentimental value, and you can give gifts of money to family members or charities who would not be able to receive anything without a Will instruction.

  • 9. You can even leave instructions for the care of your beloved pets.

  • 10. A Will is your voice from beyond the grave and it will see to it that there is no infighting in your family. Your instructions will be clearly set out. You can, if you so want, leave a letter with your Will explaining your decisions.

Why Choose Wolf Law Solicitors?

Family disputes often arise without a Will, with a home written Will ‘kit’, Wills written by unqualified ‘Will Writers’ and modified Wills. It can be expensive, and a drain on your estate, trying to sort out a mess. If you are making a Will, then do it properly.

Wills are not expensive today, and when you think how much your entire estate is worth, it is generally a drop in the ocean in comparison to secure the safety of your hard earned assets. The best decision you can make after deciding to make your Will is to choose a firm who are experienced in the field of Wills and Probate. Wolf Law are that firm.

We are a professional and friendly team. We have ground floor offices for easy access and can also offer home visits. You can call our offices for free advice, or make an appointment for a face to face chat. Our Solicitors will carefully listen to you and advise you accordingly. We will take the time necessary to ensure your wishes are properly recorded.

Our Costs

Our charges start from £100 plus vat for a basic Will, which suits most people. For anything more complicated, or Trusts, we will discuss the pricing with you to confirm you are happy. We will not take any steps until your instruct us to do so. You can ensure our costs will be reasonable as we would want you to recommend us, and continue to consider us as your family Solicitor for all your needs.

We can store your original Will in our safe free of charge for security and provide you with as many copies as you need.

Once your Will is prepared we will contact you every three years to give you a gentle reminder to let us know if there have been any life changes which may necessitate a change to your Will. These may include marriage, divorce, death, children, grandchildren or a loss or increment in your assets.

What is in a Will?

Wills can be handwritten on scrap paper as long as they are legal. To have a legal will we have produced a list of 10 things you should consider including.
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What if you die without a will?

Dying without a will can cost your family hundreds and thousands. If you die without a will your estate will be subject to the laws of intestate.

Is it expensive to use a solicitor?

Using Wolf Law to write a Will, LPA or Probate is not as expensive as you might think. We offer competitive packages and discounts.

Do I need Probate?

Probate is the entire process of administering a dead person's estate. This involves organising their money, assets and possessions and distributing them as inheritance – after paying any taxes and debts. If the deceased has left a Will, it will name one or more Executors.
About Probate

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8 Things To Include In Your Will

Whether you are writing your own will or using our will writing service we thought it would be useful to list the 8 things you need to include. This is not a fully comprehensive list nor personalised to you but you should at the very least include these points.

1. Your Full Name & Some Identifying Details
Your Full Name and ID, such as a passport or driving license. This is to certify that it is you making the Will in your name.

2. Executors
Will instructions are carried out by your Executors, or Solicitor (or both). You should choose someone reliable who you know will carry out your Will. An Executor can also be a beneficiary of the Will.

3. Final Wishes
You might have your funeral arrangements already taken care of but it is advantageous to mention them in your Will, or leave specific instructions.

4. Beneficiaries
Your property and belongings will be divided among your beneficiaries. If you would like to transfer any item to a specific person, you need to identify the item, ‘my engagement ring’ for example, and name the person it should be assigned to. If you do not, there is a law for who will receive the residue from the estate. The residue is the part of the estate you have not specifically dealt with. This is generally the area where Wills can be contested.

We will confirm your Will ‘mops up’ your entire estate and that every element is properly dealt with.

5. Assessing the Value of Your Estate
We will go through your assets with you which may include, house, money, belongings, death in service benefits, life insurance, savings, pension, shares etc.

6. Children/Grandchildren
We can ensure all your children or grandchildren are taken care of as you would like them to be.

7. Signing Your Will
This is where many Wills go dreadfully wrong. There are specifics, you, your two independent witnesses (who must not be a beneficiary or linked to a beneficiary in your Will) all being present at the same time to sign your Will and record their information. This is usually carried out in our office with our staff acting as your ‘independent’ witnesses to guarantee your Will is properly executed.

8. Storage
There is no point having a Will if no one can find it, or if someone can destroy it because they don’t like the contents. Keeping your original Will in our safe will guard its safety until it is collected and we can provide you with copies which you can give to the Executors or beneficiaries. Otherwise, you can simply tell them where your Will is. We offer free storage.

About Marys Will

Mary was widowed
when her husband died from cancer. She was concerned that the assets her and her husband had worked for over the years would not be passed on to her children and grand-children. Mary contacted us and we arranged a home visit. She not only had a Will but a Lasting Power of Attorney should she have an accident.
Names and details changed to provided anonimity

Simple Steps To Write A Will

Step 1. Get in touch with us to have a free, no obligation discussion about your requirements. Feel free to ask any questions.

Get in touch by....

Step 2. Arrange an appointment at your home, in our offices or one of our drop-in locations to prepare your Will.

Step 3. We will draft the Will for your approval and make all of the necessary registrations with the relevant bodies.