Wolf Law examines the new Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign series

Who is behind the Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign?

The Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign is an initiative from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) who are a not-for-profit organisation representing injured people. APIL believes in protecting and enhancing access for justice and fighting for the rights of injured people – something they have been doing for over 30 years. APIL are encouraging personal injury lawyers and firms alike to share this campaign to help spread their important message.

“It’s a big ambition. But our Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign is not just APIL’s campaign. Our entire sector needs to get behind this and make it a movement by creating a groundswell of support, however long-haul it may be.

It is the task of the whole sector to turn this situation around and start that journey by backing Rebuilding Shattered Lives.” – Mike Benner, APIL Chief Executive

What is it?

Their most recent campaign, Rebuilding Shattered Lives, explores personal injury in a compassionate and empathetic way, choosing to focus on and show support to those who have suffered. Rebuilding Shattered Lives aims to debunk the common myths and negative misconceptions surrounding personal injury. They are working tirelessly to reverse these perceptions whilst protecting the principles of personal injury law.

“It’s time to tip the balance back towards empathy for injured people and put them at the heart of policy-making. Rebuilding Shattered Lives is a push-back against this unfair situation.” – Mike Benner, APIL Chief Executive

Stigma surrounding personal injury claims

There’s a certain shame that surrounds personal injury claims – unfairly so. Whether it be a personal injury lawyer feeling reluctant to speak proudly about their job, or a person who has suffered an injury feeling they aren’t deserving of compensation. The stigma is very much present and encourages the idea that those involved with pursuing a claim are behaving fraudulently – this is absolutely not the case.  The term ‘compensation culture’ continues to generate these ideals, when in fact multiple studies show that it does not exist (stated in an article by the Law Gazette).

“Experienced, expert personal injury lawyers enable people who should never have been injured at all to gain the support they need to recover from those injuries. Recompense, resources, and rehabilitation are secured. Catastrophically injured people are given a chance of a future. Those causing loss to innocent people are held accountable.” – Mike Benner, APIL Chief Executive

A voice for those who don’t have one

Personal injury lawyers provide a voice for injured people. Their dedication offers support and steps towards a journey to recovery. This video created for the #RebuildingShatteredLives campaign illustrates one family’s true experience of how negligence shattered their lives and personal injury lawyers helped to build them up again.

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