Wolf Law on Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Recovery

“Compensation is not a windfall: it is about helping someone who has been needlessly injured to recover from those injuries and put their lives back on track.”

 – #RebuildingShatteredLives

One of the case studies provided as part of APIL’s Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign focusses on a man who used to be a full time Fire Fighter. After a training session on releasing casualties from car crashes, he noticed a pain in his right hand. After further investigation medics realised that the equipment he had used during training had leaked toxic oil at a high pressure into his right hand through the side of his glove.

“It was a shock to see it. From what had been an innocuous little red dot on the side of my hand, to trailing wounds right up my arm.” – APIL Case Study

He explains how personal injury lawyers helped him and his family on his road to recovery. His team helped give him ‘good information’ and he believes that personal injury lawyers play as important a part as the medical staff do. He states in the video:

“They work in tandem with the medical staff to get the best possible outcome. These are specialists that have access to resources that no one else would know existed. They can really change the outcome of a person’s life.” – APIL Case Study

He never actually had to attend court as his personal injury lawyers had built ‘such a solid case’ for him. He explains it has afforded him and his family a ‘degree of stability’ and allowed him the chance to provide for his children and their future, especially as he is no longer able to work.

“It allowed me to be more of a father to them again.” – APIL Case Study

Financial crises following a personal injury can leave families destitute. Personal injury lawyers are here to help those people gain the compensation they rightly deserve.

“Rebuilding Lives is a push-back against this unfair situation and aims to tip the balance back in favour of injured people. It provides injured people with a voice and a safe place to tell the story of their journey towards recovery with the help and support of a dedicated personal injury lawyer by their side. Injured people deserve empathy and access to expert help in their time of need. Compensation is never a windfall and money is only a part of the toolkit of recovery for a needlessly injured person.” – #RebuildingShatteredLives To watch the Case Study video click here.

How much compensation could you be owed?

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