Wolf Law on Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Supportive

“Nobody plans to be injured by someone else’s negligence: when the worst happens, they need help from specialist lawyers to rebuild their lives” – #RebuildingShatteredLives

If you are affected by a personal injury, professional support and guidance is crucial. As part of APIL’s Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign they have released two case studies. One of the case studies illustrates perfectly how one woman was supported by the personal injury firm she appointed to guide her through her experience after she was knocked off her bicycle and subsequently ran over, leaving her in hospital with severe injuries and the fear she may never walk again.

She explains in the video how many thoughts were racing through her head about her future. Aside from worrying she wouldn’t be able to walk again, she was fearful she might not be able to work again.

How will I earn money? What will my life look like now – it’s so frightening.” – APIL Case Study

After her release from hospital, she was hit by severe PTSD, a bad depression and the thought that she just didn’t know where to find help. In the video she expresses a relief at finding her caring personal injury team. She explained that after she appointed them they always stayed in contact and asked how she was doing. In addition, they didn’t just come in and ‘chat numbers’ which is a common misconception about personal injury lawyers.

“They asked how I was feeling… That made me feel really cared for, like they were looking after my best interests… They cared about me on a human level.” – APIL Case Study

Her personal injury team assisted in finding her suitable accommodation post injury and helped with small things in her life. She said they were ‘seemingly little things that really helped me feel safe and not alone’.

Watch the video here.

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